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Border patrol agents were heartbroken to hear more than 50 immigrants were found dead in a large rig in San Antonio, with Texas’s top federal lawmaker saying he blames President Biden for not “distracting” from what he did. For a flood of illegal immigrants.

Rip. Chip Roy, R-Texas, who represents nearby New Bronfels, showed Fox News a photo of an X-ray of an earlier truck at a border crossing – where agents found that migrants were being trafficked.

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January 23, 2022: Fox News footage shows immigrants released in the US.

January 23, 2022: Fox News footage shows immigrants released in the US.
(Fox News)

Roy said the situation caused by Biden and DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorcus would not have overwhelmed the agents at the international crossing if the dead migrants had been found sooner.

“It’s everyday life in South Texas. And the fact is, the border patrol was distracted,” he said. “These people are miserable, our law enforcement staff, because Biden’s refusal to enforce the law means they have to process all of these people so they can stop if they don’t get distracted.”

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The president is deliberately creating open borders that are not necessarily enforceable due to limited resources and restrictions on the CBP, Roy said.

“He is making strategic choices that expose our borders in the false name of compassion. People are dying.”

Roy said he also spoke to an official in Falfuria, who informed him about the “mobile morgue” that is being used because of the number of dead illegal immigrants.

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Unlike Biden, Roy remarked that he already plans to return to the Mexican border to meet with officials who had recently stopped at Eagle Pass for similar reasons.

“[Additionally] Our border patrol is actually pouring fentanyl because the police can’t do it at the border, ”he added.