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So let’s take a look at all the things that pissed me off. Besides, I see it when I shop for clothes in the boys’ department. Not my fault.

First, since Biden’s ratings are down the toilet, he can say hello to Chris Wallace. It’s too bad, I hear Biden’s new strategist is a Roto-Rooter. Wow, just a laugh. I thought it would work. So no surprise He is once again talking about student loan forgiveness, when really the apology should be made, without making it out. Sorry for Afghanistan, for tanking the economy, for farting in front of the royal family. That bomb was so rank that the Queen thought the Germans were flying again.

Now they want to waive ten-grand, or roughly what Hunter paid for a weekend of hookers. Of course, this is a Hail Mary pass or a gender-confused Hail Larry. It’s meant to appeal to younger voters before the midterms, which should crack a dozen eggs under Brian Stelter’s box spring. Wait, did I say voters? I mean Democratic voters, who don’t realize they’re trading their future for an instant payout.

So they are taking your money to bribe the people who hate you to re-elect the same idiots who demonize you every day. It’s a Democrat birthday party and you’re the piñata. But unlike Geraldo’s ex-wives, these people don’t need the money. This isn’t a food stamp program or welfare, it’s transferring money from the working class to the rich and upper middle class who vacation in Aspen while racking up college debt, because regular people have to get another job or, like me, who paid for college by depositing into sperm banks. Some of them were my own.

Consider all the AOCs in the world. She’s a whiner who claims she can’t live on six figures while driving around in a Tesla with her French bulldog. I think it was her dog, either him or the fiance. They call you racist. You can tell which Tesla is hers by dragging an extension cord.

But it is immoral. is theft. I sound like Pelosi as she hands her Amex card to her plastic surgeon. And if that doesn’t make your blood boil, you must be better than Clinton’s former aide. Think of all those people who paid off their student loans. You know, it’s like paying a hooker for sex, then finding out she’s giving it to your neighbor for free. That’s why we got divorced. It was bad.

Attorney General Merrick Garland stops short of calling crime wave a crisis: ‘a matter of concern’

House Dems blocked the plan to fund the police, while receiving ten-grand each for their home security. Look, that ten-grand again, why? Because they assume everyone will call it chump change. But who is the chump? we are Because we are paying for the security of people who refuse to give us equal security, thanks to the worst crime wave of my lifetime.

You know what that old saying is? “Don’t pee on my feet and tell me it’s raining.” It is not strong enough. Don’t take a dump on my head and tell me it’s mud. I hate you all. But remember, when cities are burning and cops are being killed, he said, “We have fewer cops.” There are not so many ways to deceive people in Kamasutra.

Now you see why these scoundrels got into business, so that they could be exempted from the punishment they inflicted on others. They can screw you, but you can’t screw them back. Al Capone had nothing on these guys. Like crime, politics is organized. At least the thugs didn’t pretend to help you rob them blind. But that’s how it works. They make laws for us and not for them.

US President Joe Biden speaks at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building in Washington, DC, US.

US President Joe Biden speaks at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building in Washington, DC, US.

Gavin Newsom met friends for lunch while the rest of LA had to wrap themselves up like mummies. The life of the president’s son would put Charlie Sheen to shame. Nancy Pelosi’s husband gets away with DUI. But I guess I’ll knock back a few shots of kerosene if I get to Nancy’s house. And finally, a senior FBI agent allegedly tried to pad the number of domestic violence, violent extremism cases. Which means, as we suspected, they were gas-lighting us and not a fun way to flick a Bic lighter after a trip to Taco Bell and an hour later.

So while the real crime is happening, they imagine a threat that hopefully is you. No wonder they targeted parents, Trumpers, anyone near the Capitol on January 6th. I’m surprised they didn’t follow me and I’m glad they didn’t. I will not last in prison. I’ll be one of the prizes in the card game. I’d rather be somebody’s dog than Colbert was Biden’s. “So what’s good for the goose is good for the goose,” said the man, zipping up his fly, as he approached the very frightened goose. I feel dirty.

Tires: you too

yes But we must ensure that they feel the consequences of their actions and how? After the Republicans took over the House, we got to play their game, if they want to bribe people with your money, let them do it with theirs. Get all those gender studies degrees to pay for your pet projects. What about NRA instruction courses for teachers? How to fund the student instead of the school, so people have a real choice in education.

D.C. Mayor Bowser Calls for National Guard Help to Bus Migrants Across Southern Border: “Humanitarian Crisis”

And let’s accept the loan waivers, but give back the dough to the overpaid colleges, kick the crap out of them. They have it coming. You send Billy to Harvard for 73-grand a year, and he comes home for Christmas with a new pronoun, a pair of home-grown breasts, and a hatred of America, I think you’ve got a raw deal. Poor Billy. On offense, he applauds the incoherent crowd that flocks to the home of Supreme Court justices, ironic when the president, his biggest cheerleader, can’t even find himself.

Mayor Muriel Bower delivers remarks at the Legacy Leadership Luncheon &  Awards during the National Urban League Conference 2022 - Walter E. on July 22, 2022 in Washington, DC.  3 days at the Washington Convention Center.

Mayor Muriel Bower delivers remarks at the Legacy Leadership Luncheon & Awards during the National Urban League Conference 2022 – Walter E. on July 22, 2022 in Washington, DC. 3 days at the Washington Convention Center.
(Brian Stukes/Getty Images)

Meanwhile, the idiot governor of New York directs people to disrupt Lee Zeldin’s rallies. It’s payback time. What if the recently escaped thugs entered the neighborhood of progressive DAs and anti-cop Dems? Only fund half of the houses next to them. Alvin Bragg or George Gascon have to worry about offense as much as you do. You know, it’s working with immigration right now. All those fake sanctuary cities, must go now. Time to get a taste of their medicine. I mean, don’t vaccines work that way?

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So drop your pants and bow down to the democrat politicians. It won’t hurt too much, I promise.