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Republican Senator Lindsay Graham has called on US constitutional anarchists to stop “trying to burn America” ​​after the US Supreme Court voted to overturn Roy V. Wade.

“So these constitutional anarchists, my advice to you here is: stop firing on America, do what we do, in the fields, choose the people who agree with you at the ballot box,” Graham told Fox News Sunday.

“When Rowe came out, we did not burn the capital as conservatives. We did not go to the houses of liberal judges and try to intimidate them. The radical leftists are constitutional anarchists, they are literally trying to change this country. From top to bottom,” Graham added in his comments. “They want to pack the court because they do not like this decision. They want to dissolve the Electoral College so that California and New York can elect a permanent president.”

Graham said he also wants Attorney General Merrick Garland to arrest pro-abortion activists who have targeted SCOTUS judges with protests outside their homes.

Arizona abortion protest: Police release tear gas, lawmakers ‘held hostage’ in Senate building

Sen from the American Newsroom on November 10, 2021.  Screenshot of Lindsay Graham

Sen from the American Newsroom on November 10, 2021. Screenshot of Lindsay Graham
(Fox News)

“I appreciate President Biden’s telling the Left not to use violence, not to use violence. I’m concerned that this protest at the judges’ houses is going unchecked, giving the green light that there are no more rules. If we do not see it, someone will be killed here,” Graham warned.

“Now I want to start threatening and imprisoning people and their families who show Merrick Garland to the judge’s house. If we do not resettle here very soon, someone will be killed,” he said.

Pro-choice protesters stormed Connie Barrett’s home with blood and doll props

Protests erupted across the country on Friday as the court revealed its opinion. Pro-life pregnancy centers have been targeted by vandals, but the Vermont State House has graffitied with the gruesome message “If abortions are not safe, so are you”.

Conservative judges in the Supreme Court have also been protesting since the draft opinion was leaked in May, as abortion supporters have been protesting outside the homes of Justices Amy Connie Barrett, Brett Kavanaugh, Neil Gorsuch and others in recent weeks.

Lindsay Graham praises Trump after defeating Scott Roy: ‘deserves lion’s share of credit’

In Arizona, police had to use tear gas to disperse a group of pro-abortion protesters outside the state Senate building on Friday.

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“We are currently being held hostage in the Senate House because members of the public are trying to infringe on our security,” Republican Arizona State Senator Kelly Townsend tweeted Friday night. “We smell tear gas and one of the members’ children is in the office in fear.”