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‘Government should not be involved in this.’ John Legend speaks out on abortion rights


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(CNN)Barely a month has passed since the Supreme Court Overruled by Roe v. crazyMusician John Legend is advocating for abortion access and reproductive rights.

In an interview with David Axelrod CNN’s “The X-Files” podcastDescribing his own experience with legends 2020 of Wife, Model and TV Personality Chrissy Teigen Abortion
“Anybody who’s been through pregnancy doesn’t know that none of this is casual, none of this is frivolous. And it’s very intimate and it’s very personal,” he said. “Why should our government be involved in those decisions?”
    The legend refers to the strict abortion restrictions in some states that limit the capacity of patients. Access to standard abortion care. For example, a woman in Texas was forced to keep fetal remains inside her for two and a half weeks after an abortion last year due to strict anti-abortion laws.
      “Someone who has had an abortion, after all the trauma, all the pain, all the tears, should be checked by the local DA or local law enforcement and make sure the abortion is state-sanctioned… Is the government’s involvement in that conversation so offensive to me,” he said
      Teigen and Legend announced that they Later they lost their child Pregnancy complications in 2020. Teigen was halfway through her pregnancy with the couple’s third child, whom they named Jack. Tegen was Talking about her abortion difficultiesand wrote An Emotional Essay About traumatic loss.
      The two are parents to Luna and Miles, both conceived through IVF, and announced it on Wednesday They are expecting another child.
        Government involvement in reproductive rights “is bad, it’s bad. It shouldn’t even be discussed. The government shouldn’t be involved,” Legend said.
          In an interview with Axelrod, Legend emphasized the devastating experiences of late-term abortion patients. “Anybody who makes that gut decision at that point in pregnancy, they’re only doing it because they have a compelling reason to do it, whether it’s the health of the mother or the health of the child,” he said.
          Star hopes he can use his platform to advocate for change. “I’ve grown over time in understanding how to use my celebrity and the power that I have and the reach that I have and the resources that I have to actually make a difference.”

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