Entertainment 'Good luck to you, Leo Grande' gives Emma Thompson...

‘Good luck to you, Leo Grande’ gives Emma Thompson a grand showcase


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(CNN)Emma Thompson has revealed herself in the drama “Good Luck to You, Leo Grande”, but these are the emotional aspects that deserve the most attention. Occurring almost entirely in a hotel room, it is a film full of eloquence and sweetness as well as sex and passion.

Thompson was introduced to Nancy (not her real name) on her first meeting with a sex worker by Daryl McCormack, Leo Grande (not even her real name), as she tries to take advantage of his services out of fear and apparently hesitation. As he quietly tries to reassure her, her character slowly spreads, including her husband’s death two years ago and an unsatisfactory sex life with her for the rest of her life.
As a teacher with training, Nancy goes through the whole exercise with an almost clinical sense of curiosity that can be very, very funny, well aware of the stupidity of this system and ready to be momentarily noticed. She peppers Leo with questions about how it all works logistically, and pushes for personal details that he just gratefully provides.
    Written by Katie Brand and directed by Sophie Hyde, “Leo Grande” has overcome the claustrophobia of the area and includes the Irish actor McCormack, perhaps the most famous stateside for “Piki Blinders”.

      Still, Thompson provides the emotional core of the film, playing the role of a woman in her mid-50s who says, “I feel like I’m young again,” speaking openly about never experiencing sexual arousal, and in doing so she expresses concern. Just a seed old deformed. “
      “Leo Grande” may be easily humorous or overly emotional, but the film largely avoids those difficulties. And those who live on the “body positivity” element, which is of course a marketing hook, should not miss the original theme of not only acknowledging who you are, but also mourning the missed opportunities and unattended roads, which resonate in a very universal way.
      To be Played at the Sundance Film FestivalThe small size of the project made his arrival understandable via Hulu (created by Searchlight Pictures, a sister organization of Disney), but one hopes that Thompson’s work here will not be overlooked or forgotten because of the underlined nature of the material and location.
          Really, “Leo Grande,” as well as Nancy and Leo (again, not their real names).
          “Good Luck to You, Leo Grande” will premiere on Hulu on June 17.

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