Politics Germany has accelerated calls to save energy as Russia...

Germany has accelerated calls to save energy as Russia has reduced gas


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BERLIN (AP) – The German vice chancellor has been urging country residents to save energy after Russia’s Gazprom announced significant cuts in natural gas deliveries through a key pipeline.

State-owned Gazprom on Tuesday announced a 40% reduction in gas flows to Germany via the submarine Nord Stream 1 pipeline, and then, a day later, announced further reductions. This brings the total reduction to almost 60%.

In two cases, Canadian sanctions on the war in Ukraine prevented German partner Siemens Energy from delivering equipment sent for repairs, citing a technical problem. The German government rejected that claim, saying it should not be a management issue until the fall, and that Russia’s decision was a political gamble to sow uncertainty and raise prices.

Russian Vice Chancellor Robert Habeck said in a video posted on Twitter by his ministry on Wednesday that Russian President Vladimir Putin was “doing something he feared from the beginning: he was reducing the volume of gas” rather than all at once, but gradually. Night. He pointed out previous Russian moves To reduce supplies to Bulgaria, Denmark and others.


The reduction in gas flows came as Germany and the rest of Europe sought to reduce Russia’s dependence on energy imports. Germany, the largest economy in Europe, receives 35% of its gas from Russia to the power industry and to generate electricity.

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  • Habek, who is also finance minister, launched a campaign last week calling for people to save energy. Following the Gazprom announcements, he sent home a message in a video on Wednesday night.

    “Gas is coming to Europe – we have no supply problem, but gas volumes have to be bought in the market and it will become more expensive,” Habek said. He said the government was ready and had enacted legislation to replenish gas storage.

    He praised the willingness of Germans and businesses to save energy and store gas.

    “Now is the time to do that,” he said. “Every kilowatt hour helps in this situation. It is a serious situation, but not a situation that threatens supply security in Germany.


    Follow AP coverage of the war at https://apnews.com/hub/russia-ukraine

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