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Gazprom says transfer of gas turbines from Canada to Germany does not comply with contract


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The post-maintenance delivery of the Nord Stream 1 gas turbine to Germany from Canada did not comply with the contract, a Gazprom senior manager said on Friday, stepping up criticism of manufacturer Siemens Energy.

The comments signaled a deepening scandal in which Russia has cited turbine problems as the reason for cutting gas supplies via Nord Stream 1, its main gas route to Europe, to just 20% of capacity since Wednesday.

Vitaly Markelov, Deputy General Director of Gazprom, also said that Russia has repeatedly complained to Siemens Energy about problems with other turbines.

“We have repeatedly applied to the Russian representative office of Siemens about this, sent 10 letters. Siemens fixed no more than a quarter of the identified bugs, ”he said in a television interview.

He gave the serial numbers of three more engines that needed repair by Siemens due to faults in May and June that brought them into a state of forced downtime.

Siemens Energy refuses to answer

Siemens Energy declined to respond to Markelov’s comments. The company cited a previous statement on Wednesday that it did not have access to the turbines on site and that it had not received any damage reports from Gazprom, so it had to assume that the turbines were operating normally.

WATCH | EU gas consumption reduction agreement:

EU governments reach agreement on gas rationing

EU countries agreed to a proposal to voluntarily reduce gas consumption by 15% this winter. The deal came after Gazprom, Russia’s state-owned energy corporation, said it would further cut gas flows through the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline to Germany.

The European Union has disputed Russia and Gazprom’s argument that turbine problems are the cause of the plummeting supply through a pipeline linking Russia with Germany across the Baltic Sea. The shortage has raised the risk of gas shortages and gas rationing in Europe this winter.

Siemens Energy has previously responded to criticism from Gazprom about its service by saying the Russian company must file customs paperwork to return the turbine.

As the two sides trade economic blows since Russia moved troops into Ukraine on Feb.
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24, the European Union has accused Russia of energy blackmail, which the Kremlin denies.

Markelov said the turbine, which was serviced in Canada, has not yet returned to Russia.

“He was sent to Germany, not to Russia, without the consent of Gazprom,” he said, adding that this creates sanctions risks.

Gazprom also needs to send other turbines from the Portovaya compressor station for repair.

“It is not clear that the maintenance of gas turbine engines will not fall under sanctions,” Markelov said.
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