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American singer-songwriter Gavin Degra has released new music and is a tribute to his late parents.

The “Ratham” singer has released his 7th album “Face the River”, which is entirely dedicated to his mother who died in 2017 and his father who died in 2020.

“This whole record is dedicated to my people,” he told Fox & Friends on Friday.

“It’s a series of lessons from them and a summary of their life story and their love story,” he said.

Gavin Degra: How the All-American Singer-Songwriter Continued Happiness in Music

“I wanted to give them a way to live forever – so there were only a few songs I could do,” he said.

Degra explained that he would always share his father’s dream of becoming a musician.

The singer said that when he “caught the music bug”, his parents were “really supportive”.

“My parents always dreamed about it,” he said.

“It helped me change their lives for the better.”

Digra previews his new music and plays some of his best hits at the “Fox & Friends” All-American Summer Concert Series event on Friday.

While his father was battling cancer, Digra was able to share his new music with him, calling it a “competition against time.”

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“I want to get this done for him,” he said. “He kept telling me, ‘Play me a record’.”

Degra’s father had the opportunity to listen to the entire album.

It was the last time a father and son spent “cognizant time” together.

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Unlike the performing artist stereotype, Digra says his parents were always right with him for the ride – the man who left his parents and led them to become a rock star.

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“I was lucky with the parenting situation,” he said. “I felt like I was hitting the jackpot.”