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Stephen Miller, a former senior adviser to Trump, slammed Democrats for focusing on the Jan. 6 committee on “The Ingram Angle,” rather than the daily problems of the American people.

Stephen Miller: They are giving women the energy to run as fast and as fast as possible from the Democratic Party and into the hands of Republican candidates. When you saw history happen Congresswoman Flores won 84% of the Democrat Latino district And won the special election for sure. Congresswoman of the first Mexican descent in the United States. This is a circus show offer of conspiracy theories and witchcraft to all Democrats January 6 And now this new James Bond fantasy and this fantastic story about trying to drive an instant destroyed.

Midterms become urgent priority for Biden, Pelosi after Scots abortion decision

This was refuted within 30 minutes of this statement. Then of course they have only one point Late abortion on demand Until the ninth month. So we are saying that we want to create more jobs. We want to create more opportunities. We want to create security. We want to secure the border. We want to reduce inflation And all they are saying is that we have January 6 and abortion clinics. That’s all.

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