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Asked about President Biden’s age and whether he should be re-elected, a former Democratic lawmaker said that despite the failure of many policies, he would not be defeated, mainly because of his age over substance.

“The Five” co-host and former Tennessee Congressman Harold Ford Jr., a Memphis Democrat who preceded current Republican Steve Cohen, said Republicans should heed warnings from their own past attacks – because age-old criticism can backfire.

“I don’t think Democrats and Biden want to get better. If they don’t get better, Republicans can start a winning campaign, not just a serious one, in two years,” he said.

However, Ford noted that at one point “there was a man named Mondley who lost to Reagan and said he was much older than a boy.”

President Biden and President Reagan were both attacked for their age.

President Biden and President Reagan were both attacked for their age.

During the 1984 campaign, Reagan, 73, was the oldest presidential candidate of any major party at the time. Both Donald Trump and Joe Biden surpassed the figure during the 2020 race.

At the crucial moment of the debate, Baltimore Sun journalist Hank Trevit asked – in the wake of young President Kennedy handling the Cuban Missile Crisis on a low sleep – would it be difficult for Reagan to stay in office for another four years at his age?

“No wonder, Mr. Trevit,” Reagan replied. “I will not make this campaign an age issue – I will not take advantage of my opponent’s youth and inexperience for political purposes.”

Democratic candidate, former Vice President Fritz Mondale (then 56) laughed at the exchange. The former governor of California won a record 49 states in a landslide – except for Mondel’s Minnesota.

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Walter Mondell, D-Min., And Geraldine Ferraro, DN.Y., Expedition.

Walter Mondale, D-Min., And Geraldine Ferraro, DN.Y., Expedition.

On “The Five,” Ford noted that one of Biden’s key supporters in the 2020 campaign, Rep. Jim Cliburn, DS.C, defended the president in a recent interview, but said “we’re completely behind” and that we can’t wait for Joe Biden to run again.

Climburn was instrumental in Biden’s conquest of the state of Palmetto, which many observers reported was hopeful for his presidency at the time.

“I think it’s hard for me to imagine the president not being re-elected; some Democrats are worried about his age,” Ford said.

“But I think Democrats need to stop worrying too much about the president’s mental and physical subtleties. What we need to focus on is strategic subtlety: if the policies work to that extent, there will be some consensus around the table … It’s okay to stumble up the stairs. “

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Biden raised his eyebrows last weekend when he fell off his bicycle as he stopped to chat over the weekend at Cape Hanlopen State Park in Sussex County, Dale.

In 2021, when Biden saw the steps of Air Force One come down twice, then-Deputy Press Secretary Karin Jean-Pierre said it was a particularly stormy day at Andrews Air Force Base, Mo.