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FIRST ON FOX: Owner of $ 8 million home in Florida says it became a wild, unauthorized house party, with revelers stealing $ 1500 bottle of wine, $ 3,500 Yves Saint Laurent purse and football signed by former Colts quarterback Peyton Manning.

“They went into every inch of my house, every drawer,” said the owner of the Santa Rosa mansion, where she lives full time with her husband, 10-year-old son and 5-year-old daughter. “They were trying on my clothes, my shoes, my swimsuit. They stole my handbags.” These shipments include YSL, as well as Gucci and Stella McCartney wallets.

Asked not to identify her family by name, the woman said their older children, ages 15 and 20, do not go to school in Florida and the young people at the party do not know.

“It’s not physical things, it’s memories,” said the mother, who lives in the same house as her husband’s oil executive. “The whole attack on privacy is just – nothing. It’s a complete violation.”

Florida teens reach home for $ 8 million for wildlife party

The Walton County Sheriff's Office shared a snapshot photo of teenagers laughing at an illegal seaside party in a stolen home.

The Walton County Sheriff’s Office shared a Snapchat photo of young people laughing at an illegal seaside party in a stolen home.
(Walton County Sheriff’s Office)

The family was out of town when a mob of about 200 rowdies – many of whom were attending local high schools – robbed a house on Blackwater Street and listed the district for sale for $ 7,950,000.

As the music boomed and young people drank, the five-bedroom, eight-bathroom home was transformed into a boxing ring for a foyer match, cellphone clips show.

The owners were enthusiastic wine and liquor collectors, and the young men stormed their cellar, smashed a $ 1500 Ace of Spade champagne bottle, and snatched a 1942 bottle of Don Julio tequila and dozens of other bottles worth thousands of dollars.

“They were in every single one of our beds,” the owner said. “They’re in my baby’s bed, in our bed. There are footprints in our bathtub.”

A $ 8 million building thrown by a teenage teenager in a watercolor subdivision in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida on June 17.

The $ 8 million building where a teenage boy threw a huge rug on the watercolor subdivision of Santa Rosa Beach, Florida on June 17.
(Google maps)

Their son’s easy sneakers and his PS-4 were stolen, and their daughter’s playroom was destroyed. “She’s a big American girl lover, and they tore up all her toys and threw her favorite baby toys on the roof,” the mother said.

Entered the house through the accordion doors facing the backyard.

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According to the owner, the three locks on the door were removed and then the door was opened before allowing those in the party. The Watercolor Community, a high-level subdivision of Santa Rosa Beach, has a 24-hour security patrol.

According to Corey Dobridnia, a spokeswoman for the Walton County Sheriff’s Office, five days before Friday night, a young man aired a flyer promoting Rager.

A Florida teenager shows off $ 8 million worth of stolen rings during a house party.

A Florida teenager shows off $ 8 million worth of stolen rings during a house party.
(Walton County Sheriff’s Office)

“We do not know how they knew the house would be vacant,” Dobridnia said, adding that the family left town on Wednesday, but the guest remained at home until Friday afternoon.

“It’s weird,” she commented. Police were called to the property on Saturday morning after a loud noise was reported. The owners were contacted and moved home.

Teenagers post illegal bash videos on Tic Tac Toe, Snapchat and Instagram – But most of the content has expired or been deleted, says Dobridnia.

“We found a lot of people in the videos,” she added. “What we’ve trying to do right now is identify those responsible for the theft.”

Most of the teens are local and some have been abandoned by their parents, school officials and neighboring police departments.

Sheriff’s aides were shot dead during a gas station robbery the same morning as a house party.

“They wereted our resources and our time when the suspect opened fire on the deputies that night,” Dobridnia said. “This is completely absurd.”

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Authorities asked people to contact the Walton County Sheriff’s Office at (850) -892-8111. Emerald Coast Crime Stoppers With any information at (850)863-TIPS.