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Two Florida Sheriff Deputies News of the death of actor and comedian Bob Sagate has been shared with people close to the “Full House” star’s family since before this year, authorities have revealed, an investigative report has revealed.

According to FOX 35 Orlando, the assistants were disciplined for their actions, the report said.

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Bob Sagate

Bob Sagate

Elastic died On January 9, 2022, at the age of 65, he did not respond in his hotel room in Orlando. He used to stay in the city doing comedy shows in the area.

The medical examiner confirmed that Saget had fallen and sustained a severe blow to the head.

Hours after it was discovered that Saget had not responded, law enforcement found that Orange County Deputy Emiliano Silva had sent a text message to his brother informing him of Saget’s death. His brother shared the news in a tweet, which was later deleted. Silva was one of the first officers to respond to the elastic collapse at the hotel.

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Bob Saget and wife Kelly Rizzo

Bob Saget and wife Kelly Rizzo

Silva did not know his brother Shared the news on Twitter Forty minutes later someone showed him a screen shot, the report said. He asked his brother to delete the tweet, but by that time, several media outlets had begun asking about the elastic death.

And Deputy Steven Reed, who reported the death through a fellow Orange County deputy who was not on duty at the hotel or part of the investigation, texted the news to two neighbors he reported. Attended one of the Saget shows Days before his death, according to the report.

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"Full House" stars Dave Coulier, Candice Cameron Bure and Bob Sagett reunite.

“Full House” stars Dave Coulier, Candice Cameron Bure and Bob Sagett reunite.
(Daniel Zuchnik / Wire Image)

Two cases occurred before authorities informed Saget’s family of his death.

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Deputies violated Sheriff’s Department Spreading the information order and concluding disciplinary agreements through a “disciplinary dispute resolution process”, the report said. Specific disciplinary actions are not included in the report.