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The fire, which caused extensive damage to a historic church in Chattanooga, was deliberately set on fire and authorities on Friday searched for a person interested in the arson case, officials said.

On June 10, a three-alarm fire at Philips Chapel and Chance-Good Auditorium in downtown Chattanooga almost destroyed buildings and caused parts of the structure to collapse, the city’s fire department said in a report.

No injuries were reported. Investigators say more than 100 workers helped put out the blaze.

Photographs taken from surveillance footage showed a man on a bicycle in the area at the time of the fire, officials said. Investigators have sought the public’s help in the matter.

Chattanooga fire killed 3 and injured 14, some hitting fleeing vehicles

Authorities say a historic Tennessee church was deliberately set on fire.

Authorities say a historic church in Tennessee was deliberately set on fire.

The landmarks were the centerpiece of the former Highland Park Baptist Church and Tennessee Temple University. The property is now part of the Redemption to Nations Church campus, the fire department said.

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“We’ve heard from a lot of people who have shared their memories of events held over the years in these well-known Chattanooga structures,” the department said in a news release. “Thousands of people have attended church services, meetings, weddings and graduations.”

A cash prize of up to 5,000 is available for notes up to arrest.

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