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Happy Father’s Day to all Dads in America.

Sunday, June 19, 2022, is the day to honor the beloved Father in our lives.

While many spend some extra money on gifts or services for their beloved elderly father, others spend some extra time with their dads.

That extra time can make sense of everything.

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A new book author has his own hint for a special treat for his father.

Michael P. of Texas. Foley, author of the absurd “Drinking with the Saints: Cocktails and Spirits for Saints and Sinners” (Regency Publishing), believes that “Sage is a wonderful way to honor Dad on Father’s Day”.

A Father's Day celebration.  Foley teaches at Baylor University in Waco, Texas.

A Father’s Day celebration. Foley teaches at Baylor University in Waco, Texas.

Foley has six children and is a professor of patriarchy (the study of early Christian writers) at Baylor University in Waco, Texas. Instructor at Honors College.

The book came out a few years ago and was re-released in a new edition earlier this year.

He says Sazerac is “not one of the oldest cocktails in the books, but one of the oldest.”

At the beginning of its history, "Sazarek was considered by some to be the 'morning cocktail'." Author Michael P. who shared a recipe for Fathers Day.  Said Foley.

At the beginning of its history, the author Michael P., who shared a recipe for Father’s Day, said, “Sazarek was considered by some to be a ‘morning cocktail’.” Said Foley.

He told the story: “In 1850, bar owner Aaron Bird discovered the compound by combining two ingredients promoted by his friends: Cognac, imported by Sewell T. Taylor, Cognac, also known as Bitters Antoine Peychaud.Sazerac, made by the local apothecary. It was considered a ‘morning cocktail’ because Peychaud was thought to have bitter medicinal value.

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He said, “Over the years Sagerock underwent two other changes. In 1870, after the phylloxera epidemic devastated the French vineyards, cognac was replaced by an excellent American liqueur – rye whiskey.”

Foley says the first Xerox was made with absinthe, “a spirit made of wormwood and green anise seeds.”

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Then, “in 1912, absinthe was banned in the US because it contained the dangerous hallucinogen with psychoactive properties,” he said. “However, all the bohemian artists who drank absinthe like water became insane – not from absinthe, but from alcohol poisoning.”

In 1870, Foley replaced cognac with an excellent American liqueur for rye - rye whiskey.

In 1870, Foley replaced cognac with an excellent American liqueur for rye – rye whiskey.

So, in 2007, he said, “Spirit was legalized again and available on brands such as Absente and Pernod Absinthe Superieure.”

Foley added, “However, you can also use herbaceous, New Orleans anise liqueur, which replaces absinthe during a long ban.”

He shared an easy way to make sajerok‌ for all those who are interested in honoring the Father in this manner today or any day.


1 splash absinthe

½-1 tsp. Normal syrup, depending on the taste (or sugar cube)

2 oz. Rye whiskey

2 dashes Peachod Bitters

1 lemon twist

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Cool the old-fashioned glass and if you want, rye.

Place the absinthe in a small spray bottle and cover the inside of the glass with two sprays.

Add plain syrup, pecod bitters and rye and stir well.

Garnish with lemon twist after expressing some oils in the drink.

Foley added, “I recommend using fine rice such as the Woodford Reserve. Saucerk traditionally takes less snow, so its flavors are not diluted with water or slowed down by the cold.”

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He also said, “Less fearless spirits, however, like to mix ingredients in crushed ice and strain it into a chilled glass.”

Michael P. Foley’s recipe for Sazerac cocktail is from “Drinking with the Saints” and appears here with permission.