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New papers will be available on America’s elite families Broadcast on FOX Nation Monday, June 27. The series “American Dynasty” describes the lives of the families of American aristocrats who shaped modern business, politics and industry.

Each episode of this eight-part series explores a family and gains fame and fortune by highlighting the legacy of each name. Episodes David Rockefeller, John d. Rockefeller Sr.’s great-grandson, Ben du Pont, Lammot du Pont’s great-grandson, Patrick J. Kennedy, author and late sen. Ted Kennedy’s son and hosts late special guests. Jay Leno, a night icon and automobile fan talking about the Ford family.

The eight-episode series FOX Nation's American Dynasty will be available to air on June 27.

The eight-episode series FOX Nation’s American Dynasty will be available to air on June 27.
(Fox Nation)

The Vanderbilts were famous for earning the railroad and shipping empire in the American Guild Age. Cornelius “The Commodore” followed the Vanderbilt American Dream, growing up with nothing to build one of the largest monopolies in US history. Cornelius Vanderbilt established family fortunes and in his last words asked relatives to “put money together”. The episode follows Cornelius’ legacy and how the family after him succeeded.

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Like the Vanderbilt, the Rockefellers were another guilded family, who rose to great wealth and fame by consolidating the oil industry. From a kerosene refinery in Cleveland, John D. Rockefeller raised Standard Oil to become the world’s largest oil producer in 15 years. The Rockefeller family became a prominent philanthropist, whose legacy is still recognizable today.

Another iconic American family is the Fords, which revolutionized shipping and created a new sense of American identity. In addition to introducing the Henry Ford Model T, he changed the automobile industry forever, but he also changed manufacturing with the assembly line. Automobile enthusiast and television icon Jay Leno unpacks the life of a businessman and his famous family.

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The Getty family amassed wealth from the work of J. Paul Getty in the oil industry. Before Jeff Bezos, Getty was considered “the richest man in the world”. Millions of dollars in family name, J. Paul Getty’s grandson kidnapped, tragedy strikes with $ 17 million ransom. The remaining inheritance of this family will be defined by this decision.

Unlike other families, Du Pontes’ success was in the gunpowder industry in the early 1800s. However, there is a life-changing conflict for the family as Lammote du Pont tries to escape the war business.

Synonymous with capitalism, the Morgan family was influential when JP Morgan made a name for himself on Wall Street in the 1860s. By the end of the 19th century the House of Morgan controlled many American industries, including railways and steel. Despite wars, recessions and politics, the Morgan family has changed Symbols of capitalism and symbols of Wall Street.

From presidents to public servants to Hollywood A-listers, the Kennedys are a vast American dynasty. Joe Kennedy is the grandson of an Irish immigrant who became successful on Wall Street and in Hollywood after spending time at Harvard. Although his political career was short, his children helped shape American politics.

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The last family in this eight-part series is the Bush family. The family’s political legacy is controversial, but the Bushmen are known for their gentle demeanor and business success. George HW Bush brought the family into politics and changed the family image.

Although not a separate list, these eight families represent the American hustle and bustle of success. Regardless of opinions, these families shaped American history and inspired a desire to embrace opportunities.

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