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Elections ended Tuesday in Virginia, where congressional primaries are taking place, and in Georgia, which has primary runoff elections in two congressional districts.

Although former President Donald Trump is not on the ballot, his reputation in the GOP is once again being tested in Georgia’s two Republican runoff contests.

In Georgia’s 10th Congressional District, Trump backs former Democrat state legislator and Democrat Vernon Jones, who became the top black surrogate then-president in Peach State during the 2020 election. Jones clashes with trucking company owner Mike Collins on Tuesday.

Republican Rep. Republican Rep. Collins or Jones will be considered a favorite over the winner of the Democratic primary runoff in the district after Jody Highs launches a failed campaign rather than seeking re-election.

Trump is not on the ballot, but he is a key figure in the Key Gop primaries

Three weeks after Kemp crushed former Senator David Perdue, who is basically challenging a conservative governor with huge support from Trump, Republican Gov. Brian Kemp approved Collins last week. Kemp topped Perdue by more than 50 points in last month’s Republican gubernatorial primary, a crushing defeat for Trump. Kemp Trump has vented his anger as he confirms the defeat of then-president Razor-thin election in Georgia in the 2020 election to current President Biden in Georgia.

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Perdue is not the only Trump-backed candidate to have lost in the Georgia primary. Hayes lost by a two-point margin to Secretary of State Brad Rafansperger, who was also repeatedly attacked by Trump. And current Chris Carr topple Trump-backed GOP Attorney General Challenger John Gordon.

Jones is actually running for governor this cycle, hoping to get Trump’s approval in the primary against Kemp. But after he approved Perdue, he persuaded former President Jones to end his governorship bid and run for Highs’ Open Congress seat instead. Jones approved when Trump opened his house bid.

The district, which is reliably red in color, stretches from the Axelbs east of Atlanta through the countryside to the borders of Augusta, Georgia and South Carolina.

“Trump’s anger in Georgia has outweighed his influence,” argued Don McLaughlin, a Republican consultant from Georgia.

Georgia government approves Kemp Mike Collins over Trump-backed Vernon Jones

In Georgia’s 6th congressional district, which is mostly rural north of Atlanta, it supports Jake Evans, the son of Randy Evans, the former chairman of the Georgia Ethics Commission who served as ambassador to Luxembourg during the Trump administration. Trump headed a tele-rally for Little Evans during the primary.

The other candidate in the race is Physician Rich McCormick, a conservative firebrand from Texas. There is support for Ted Cruz, as well as the Club for Growth, a financially conservative outsider who spends heavily on Republican primaries.

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This is the third high-profile Republican primary showdown in the last two months to support rival candidates in the Trump and Cruz Republican primaries who could become potential rivals in the 2024 GOP presidential nomination race.

The winner of Tuesday’s GOP primary runoff will face Democratic nominee Bob Christian, a veteran, in November. After the seat was redistributed in a decade-long redistricting process to make it more favorable to Republicans, the current Democratic representative. Lucy Macbeth is running for re-election this year in the 7th Congressional District of Georgia.

It’s also a primary day in Virginia, where Republican candidates in the state’s 2nd and 10th congressional districts are vying with two House Democrats in November to face re – election as a party against historic opposition and a very difficult political climate.

Four Republicans – all veterans – are competing in the highly competitive 2nd District, located in the southeastern part of the Commonwealth anchored off Virginia Beach. Of those, only State Senator Jennifer Kiggs holds the elected office.

Luria is ‘OK’ if served in January. 6 The committee derailed her election

The winner is Rep. In November. Elaine will face Luria, a former U.S. Navy commander who has twice become a Democratic congressional woman. This month, Luria became very clear as the House Select Committee investigating the January 6, 2021 attack on US capital was conducting high-level investigations that drew national attention. The only Democrat sitting on the panel was Luria, who was in danger.

Representative Elaine Luria (D-VA), Vice Chair of the House Armed Services Committee, addressed the Iran Talks on April 06, 2022 in Capitol Hill, Washington, DC.  (Photo by Kevin Dietz / Getty Images)

Representative Elaine Luria (D-VA), Vice Chair of the House Armed Services Committee, addressed the Iran Talks on April 06, 2022 in Capitol Hill, Washington, DC. (Photo by Kevin Dietz / Getty Images)
(Photo by Kevin Dietz / Getty Images)

In the newly drawn 7th District, which has been heavily altered by redistricting and now extends from the Fredericksburg area to the southern suburbs of Washington DC in the north – including some parts of the overcrowded Prince William County – six Republicans are vying to challenge the former CIA officer twice. Democratic Representative. Abigail Sponberger.

GOP candidates include Yesley Vega, a military wife, mother and law enforcement officer born to Salvadorian immigrants after fleeing the Civil War.

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The heavily blue 8th Congressional District – located on the outskirts of the nation’s capital Virginia – is the former lt. Governor and four-term spokesman Dan Bayer faces a fundamental challenge from progressive Victoria Weerasinghe.

And in the dark red 6th congressional district that covers most of the west-central part of Virginia, GOP spokesman Ben Klein faces a fundamental challenge from former Navy officer and political newcomer Merritt Hale.

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