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In a letter from leading medical professionals this week, Biden urged the administration to drastically revise its mitigation guidelines for children, in an attempt to help people who have signed one that is “steamrolled” by the brutal COVID-19 guidelines.

“The most vulnerable people in America have been steamrolled by many Kovid policies,” Dr Marty Macari told Fox News Digital. “The last people forced to wear masks in America are waiters, waitresses and children … At this point, we must stop the high restrictions on harming children. That’s why I signed up.”

McCarthy, one of 29 physicians and scientists concerned about the ongoing COVID-19 measures for US children raising concerns that they are doing more harm than good and rejecting a holistic approach to child health, signed the letter from the Agency of Normal. Addressing White House Kovid-19 Response Coordinator Dr. Ashish Jha and Dr. Rochelle Valensky, Director of Centers for Disease Control, they announced that the emergency phase of the coronavirus was over and that the time was near to restore equal and maximum access to education, sports and social issues. Connection for all children. Their health and well-being depend on it. “

“We urge you to revise the CDC’s COVID – 19 guidelines regarding testing, isolation and vaccination recommendations for children to ensure that public health practices do no more harm than good,” their letter, led by Dr Vinay Prasad, said. And Dr. Lucy McBride. It was co-signed by dozens of parent organizations, many of which were formed to promote school resumptions during the epidemic.

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“Many European countries, US states and Canadian provinces have already updated their COVID-19 policies to recognize that vaccines and infectious immunity reduce the risk of severe COVID-19 outcomes in young people and that all mitigation measures are unwise. Massachusetts, United Kingdom, Kingdom, Colombia and elsewhere have recommended that children be screened for routine screening and mandatory isolation periods.

US President Joe Biden received the fourth dose of the Pfizer / Bioentech Kovid-19 vaccine on March 30, 2022 at the South Court Auditorium in Washington, DC.

US President Joe Biden received the fourth dose of the Pfizer / Bioentech Kovid-19 vaccine on March 30, 2022 at the South Court Auditorium in Washington, DC.
(Photo by Anna Moneymaker / Getty Images)

The letter was also signed by Dr. Nicole Sapphire, a Fox News contributor.

“I would say the majority of Americans think Kovid is in the rearview mirror. Our policies do not reflect that,” she told Fox News Digital.

She said that amidst extensive vaccinations, mild variations and protected natural immunity, the coronavirus has become a worse cold for many than the really serious ones. However, elementary schools and college students who send children home for five days if they are positive for COVID-19 regardless of symptoms will not be able to stay on campus unless they are raised.

“We should always go back to where the children are. That is, if your child is sick, keep them away from school. If they are not, send them to school,” Safier said.

The letter described the devastating consequences of long-term school closures, such as learning loss, widening achievement gaps between high- and low-income students, as well as increasing mental health problems and long-term educational interruptions. Children have a statistically lower risk for serious outcomes from the virus throughout the epidemic; According to the CDC, 22-17 percent of the U.S. population aged 0-17 years make up 0.1 percent of all COVID-19 deaths.

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It took a long time for the Biden administration to ease tough action with the rest of the world, the letter argued.

“We have never systematically tested children for other respiratory viruses and kept them isolated, or forcibly excluded them from school or other activities,” the letter said. “Instead, affected individuals are able to return to work or school immediately without a fever for 24 hours and symptoms improve without testing. During this time, the CDC should recommend similar general-knowledge approaches to COVID. And protecting high-risk groups. “

Children and their caregivers arrive at the school in New York on Monday, March 7, 2022.

Children and their caregivers arrive at the school in New York on Monday, March 7, 2022.
(AP Photo / Seth Wenig)

Among their recommendations is to replace asymptomatic testing with a “test-from-treatment” approach that focuses on treating young people who are vulnerable and immunocompromised, and repealing the CDC recommendation against vaccinating and raising healthy, young people. The CDC continues to recommend the use of “Universal” indoor masks in areas of high Kovid transmission, such as “screening testing for high-risk activities such as indoor sports and extracurricular activities” and to be isolated for at least five days if exposed to the vaccine and COVID-19. .

The letter came the same week as the Biden administration stepped up efforts to vaccinate children under the age of 5, which is the last age to be vaccinated. Macari, a Johns Hopkins health policy expert and surgeon, questioned why there was “unparalleled enthusiasm” for vaccinating children under the age of five.

“We see this lockstep as a party line that violates the nature of the Scientific Forum,” a Fox News contributor said. “There seems to be a range of these agenda-based approaches against a large number of scientific data in the area … why do we give immunity to children who are already immunocompromised? Clinically it is not understood.”

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“Many medical Kovid policies in institutions are written by ordinary lawyers, lawyers who realize that they cannot violate CDC guidelines,” he added. “One of the goals of this letter is to have a large team of physicians, respected physicians, who, from a perspective, focus on holistic health and not just the transmission of a single virus. And should not be worse than cure. Disease. , In the name of setting a village on fire to save the village. It’s time for the children to return to normal life. The population’s immunity is impeccable. “

“Most places are hidden behind the CDC’s security cordon,” Safier said. “Well, if they do anything contrary to what the CDC says, and then actually something happens, they’re concerned about responsibility, but it’s not about responsibility. What about the responsibility for the harm we have done to these? Children and individuals in general with these COVID policies?”

CDC Director Rochelle Valensky is promoting the Biden administration's push to vaccinate children under 5 years of age.

CDC Director Rochelle Valensky is promoting the Biden administration’s push to vaccinate children under 5 years of age.
(Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images)

Macari and Sapphire US still see media responsibility as “outlier” in their Kovid mitigation measures. A study last year found that US media coverage is far more negative than in other parts of the world, with serious consequences, especially for more liberal readers. HBO late-night host Bill Maher scolded the liberal press for intimidating the public with “s-t” and convinced them that the COVID diagnosis could lead to their hospitalization.

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“The mainstream media of government physicians continues to perpetuate blind parrots by placing dogmatic COVID policies,” McCarthy said.

Describing her book “Panic Attack” as playing politics with science around COVID-19, Sapphire said the media had spread fear throughout the epidemic.

“As soon as more data becomes clear, protect the vulnerable while the rest of the country continues,” she said. “But again, they’re too late to accept this, and in some places they’re still not, as we see orders in colleges and even in children, you are still wearing masks while not in preschool in New York City. Evidence demonstrates an advantage. “

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“At this point, it is clear that children will be much healthier if they are allowed to live their lives,” McCarthy said.