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In an interview on “Fox & Friends Weekend,” Jonathan Williams, an economist at the American Legislative Exchange Council, argued that the Democrats’ latest effort to combat inflation, the Deflationary Reduction Act, which raises taxes and increases spending, is “fiscal malpractice.”

Jonathan Williams: And what we need is to go in the opposite direction and actually reduce spending in Washington. It is clear that we have no problem with the lack of tax revenue here. We’ve repeatedly hit record tax revenue numbers in recent years, but we’re spending faster than our taxes are coming in. And this is the big problem here. Let’s take a common sense look at what’s happening in the 50 states. In fact, you know, 49 of the 50 states, most people don’t know this. A balanced budget amendment in their state constitution or state law.

Manchin, there is no way Schumer’s reckless tax-and-spend proposal will win my support

Congressional spending concept

Congressional spending concept

Now, Washington should take a page from the success stories of what’s happening at the state level. People see Washington as a land of trust, saying they want to double down on everything that causes problems. And by the way, because the economy is contracting. And people like Joe Manchin have said this in the past and Chuck Schumer, don’t mess with taxes. Don’t raise taxes. The economy is shrinking. I mean, what’s being discussed right now is pure financial abuse.

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