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The White House made it clear this week that President Biden plans to run for re-election in 2024, but questions and concerns remain over whether Biden will support another term from some prominent members of the Democratic Party.

There are also questions about how actively Biden campaigned for his party’s candidates in the intervening years and whether the Democrats would seek his help as well. To date, the president has approved only three congressional candidates, including the rep. There was also Kurt Schroeder – who lost his primary election to progressive Democrat Jamie McLeod-Skinner.

To better understand how these questions play out in Washington, Fox News consults political experts from both sides of the aisle and gets their opinion.

Here is what they say:

DNC member CNN Biden says he does not want to run in 2024, says voters are looking for ‘candidate change’

US President Joe Biden looking down during the EU-US Summit on June 15, 2021 at the European Union Headquarters in Brussels.

US President Joe Biden looks down while speaking at the EU-US Summit on June 15, 2021 at the European Union Headquarters in Brussels.
(Brendan Smyalovsky / AFP by Getty Images)

Christy Setzer, Democratic strategist and founder of New Heights Communications:

“I do not think anyone is talking seriously about replacing President Biden. There are real questions about what it means to have a president approaching 80 years of age, and this is also true of President Biden in 2024. As long as he can and as long as he wants, that’s important I do not see it. “

“Undoubtedly, Biden is pulling candidates who are currently in the field, and they – unless they are in the very blue districts – are fleeing without rushing toward Washington. There is a clear contradiction between the integrity of the GOP and the Democratic Party. Why do candidates not favor it? “

Democratic strategist Christy Setzer.

Democratic strategist Christy Setzer.
(Fox News)

NY TIMES, MSNBC, CNN, others Democrats’ concerns about Biden’s age, question whether he will run in 2024

Mike Shields, Founder of Convergence Media and former RNC Chief of Staff:

“There is no real basis for support for Joe Biden. Who are the Biden Democrats still waiting for him? The Left accepted his wishes as long as they did what they wanted and as long as they seemed a viable alternative. He tried very hard in the first and apparently failed in the second.”

“Democrats are running like wild dogs from Joe Biden. With the disappearing crises from baby formula to gas prices to retirement funds, Joe Biden’s presidency is utterly catastrophic. And voters are in a mood to punish him. He became the first Republican to win a majority-Hispanic Democratic seat in Texas, winning the same congressional seat by 13 points in 2020. Former Democrat Fillmon Vela will preside over historic losses for his party this year.

Mike Shields, Democratic strategist and former RNC chief of staff.

Mike Shields, Democratic strategist and former RNC chief of staff.
(Mike Shields)

Kevin Walling, Democratic Political Strategist and HGCreative Vice President:

“In 1982, many Republicans said the same thing about Ronald Reagan. The tendency of Democrats to complain and shake hands when a party leader shows a small decline or any negative in public opinion.

“Former President Trump, in order to maintain his control over the GOP and resolve grievances with his own party members, must have decided to participate in the GOP primaries. This strategy has already yielded mixed results this week in South Carolina itself. The focus is on the General in November for Blue.Every prominent Democrat and governor in the Senate competes from Pennsylvania to the North. Nope.

Democratic strategist Kevin Walling

Democratic strategist Kevin Walling
(Kevin Walling)

Democrats publicly lament Biden age, impact in 2024 presidential election

Lisa Bute, Republican political strategist and Fox News contributor:

“[The Democrats] There was no other way but to give him up. He is the worst president in history. He turned our beautiful country into a complete dumpster fire. Americans sell lemons with Joe Biden. The promise is simple. Instead, it is a self-contained disaster one after another and complete chaos. It’s very easy to see why Dacharo is in the basement with them during the 2020 election.

“He’s radioactive. Everything he touches turns into rubbish. Who needs the approval of someone with a 33% approval rating? Putin’s approval is even more popular at this point.”

(Lisa Boothe)

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The comments made to Fox News Digital in this article are part of a new weekend series where strategists in the political spectrum are asked the same few questions related to political hot topics and given the opportunity to present their perspective.