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Rep. Frank Mirvan, D-Ind., offered a lucrative deal to a campaign donor business while he was a township trustee and received tens of thousands of dollars in donations from the man and his company, according to records reviewed by Fox. News Digital.

A relative of the business owner, meanwhile, made the maximum contribution to Mrvan’s congressional campaign.

In May 2007, shortly after being elected a North Township, Indiana, trustee, Mirvan fired Unique Events, after the company contracted to provide events at the town’s Wicker Park venue, according to local media reports and records obtained by Fox News Digital. Mrvan later awarded the catering contract to Dining Solutions, a thriving business created by local resident Brian Cook, who donated $2,000 to his initial trustee campaign a year ago, local records show.

“I don’t blame Unique Events, I blame Frank Mirvan,” local resident Vicki Jarden, who paid Unique Events to cater her June 2007 wedding at Wicker Park, told The Times of Northwest Indiana at the time. “It’s politics … they screwed me over.”

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Representative Frank Mirvan awarded a lucrative contract to a campaign donor during his tenure as a township trustee.

Representative Frank Mirvan awarded a lucrative contract to a campaign donor during his tenure as a township trustee.
(Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images)

Jordan eventually had to find another venue where special events were allowed for her wedding.

Since then, Cook’s company has earned six figures from the township since its formation. According to the town’s annual financial reports published between 2008 and 2018, North Township paid Dining Solutions at least $236,264. The township has not yet published any financial statements for a date beyond 2018.

“Dining Solutions at Wicker Park, the answer to your catering needs,” says the Dining Solutions website. “Established in 2007, the company has established itself as one of the premier venues in Northwest Indiana.”

Meanwhile, Cook, who still serves as president of Dining Solutions, has simultaneously poured cash into Democrat campaign coffers. The businessman has contributed $33,237 to Mrvan’s campaigns personally and through his political career, both directly and through his organization.


Dining Solutions, whose owner donated to Mrvan's campaigns, received more than $230,000 from Indiana Township after the now-congressman awarded the company the contract.

Dining Solutions, whose owner donated to Mrvan’s campaigns, received more than $230,000 from the Indiana township after the now-congressman awarded the company the contract.
(Frank Mirvan for Congress)

Cook pushed $27,637 into Mrvan’s local trustee campaign between 2006 and 2015, local filings show. He gave the maximum $5,600 to Mrvan’s federal campaign during the 2020 election cycle.

In addition, Cook helped bankroll a national political action committee, of which Mrvan was the sole beneficiary. During the 2020 election, Cook pushed $15,000 into the Middle Class Values ​​PAC, which raised only $43,000.

The PAC reported spending $32,000 in independent expenditures, all of which benefited Mirvan. The PAC’s total expenditures, which funded online ads and direct mailings for Mrvan’s campaign, came less than a month after Cook’s donation.

And Cook’s cousin, Christine Cook, added $5,600 to Mrvan’s initial 2020 federal campaign, the filings show. Christine, likewise, lists Dining Solutions as her employer in the records.

But Dining Solutions employee Brian Cook wasn’t the only one to benefit from the Indiana Democrat. Curly Lecia, a current company employee who chipped in small amounts to Mrwan’s campaign, got a job at the bank after asking the then-trustee for help.

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Mrvan also helped a current Dining Solutions employee land a job during the height of the coronavirus pandemic.

Mrvan also helped a current Dining Solutions employee land a job during the height of the coronavirus pandemic.
(Bill Clark/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images)

“Frank [Mrvan] I was referred to Cesar Garcia, the township’s resource coordinator at the Circle of Services in Hessville,” Lecia told the North Township Navigator in late 2020. “Cesar immediately went to work to help. The township even has a computer that I use to keep my resume.”

“All of Caesar’s help paid off,” Licia said. “I beat out many other candidates to get the job.”

Mirvan was eventually elected to represent Indiana’s 1st Congressional District in 2020, succeeding longtime Democratic Rep. Peter Visclosky.

“To suggest that a local small business caterer with a reputation in Northwest Indiana and still providing similar services today received preference from the North Township Trustee’s office is absurd, and this allegation is further evidence of the Republican nominee’s disappointment,” Matt Calderon, Mirvan’s campaign manager, said in an email to Fox News Digital.

Spokesperson Mrvan's campaign said that "Irrelevant" to indicate that his donor received preferential treatment

Rep. Mrvan’s campaign said it was “absurd” to suggest preferential treatment to his donor
(Frank Mirvan campaign)

“Desperate people do desperate things in desperate times, and the Republican candidate is desperate,” he continued.

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Mran is running for re-election against fellow Republican Air Force veteran Jennifer-Ruth Green. The Cook Political Report rated the race a “toss up”.

Calderon added that Green’s campaign was “out of touch.”

“We can safely assume that the voters of Indiana’s First Congressional District recognize that her campaign represents an extreme, Republican agenda that wants her to give birth to a 10-year-old rape victim, destroy collective bargaining rights for our friends in labor, and allow corporations to pay lower taxes than local law enforcement officers. ” he said.