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Fox Business anchor David Asman slammed President Biden on the “America” ​​newsroom on Friday for refusing to take responsibility for rising inflation, dismissing Putin’s claim that he was responsible for rising costs, including gas.

Fed Chair Jerome Powell criticized the government for acknowledging “how little we understand inflation.”

David Asman: So it’s just A gang that can’t fire straight. I mean, on all these many strategies, I can’t think of any strategies in which a straight shot would have been successful, which should have been taken down. Again, while he was there, we heard him talk about Russia. Russia. Russia is the cause of inflation. In fact, if you look at inflation, when he took office in Ukraine in January 2021, it started at 1.4% and increased by 435%. Inflation, gone 1.4% to 7.5%. From Ukraine, it has increased by 9%. So 435% compared to 9%. It’s not Russia, it’s.

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