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Sen. Kirsten Sinema said Thursday that she will “move forward” with Democrats’ social spending and tax bill after Sen. Joe Manchin and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer blocked a deal.

“In the Senate’s budget reconciliation act, we agreed to protect advanced manufacturing, eliminate the carried interest tax provision, boost our clean energy economy,” Sinema, D-Ariz., said. “Subject to parliamentary review, I will go ahead.”

Sen.  Kirsten Sinema, D-Ariz., said in a statement Thursday that she would "Go ahead" With the Democrats' reconciliation bill.

Sen. Kirsten Sinema, D-Ariz., said in a statement Thursday that she would “move forward” with the Democrats’ reconciliation bill.
(REUTERS/Caitlin O’Hara)

Cinema’s support is seen as the biggest hurdle for Democrats to pass the plan on climate, energy, health care and taxes, which if passed would be confined to a year of intra-party negotiations. Sen. Rep. Jon Tester, D-Mont., still hasn’t committed to voting for it, but Schumer, DN.Y., said Thursday he believes all Senate Democrats will vote for the package.

“I am pleased to report that we have reached an agreement on the Inflation Reduction Act I believe the entire Senate Democratic caucus will have the support,” Schumer said. “The final version of the reconciliation bill, which will be introduced on Saturday, reflects this work and brings us one step closer to passing this historic legislation into law. .”

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