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Fox Business host Charles Payne said the Democrats’ massive billion-dollar spending bill actually does nothing to address climate change on “Hannity” Thursday.

Charles Payne: Even if you love the climate issue, the president is lying to you. This bill does Nothing on the weather side. This means that we will continue to mine the planet. We’re going to strip the planet of mines and poison the water. So, as you go through the process, you have the material that starts the process, Russia has a large share – ie China has a big share. Then you factor in the sales, China takes a bigger share. And then you get the batteries, this is the most important part for you to remember.

Inflation is likely to remain high despite Manchin’s low-inflation law, Americans say

When the White House talks about energy security, I think they’re talking about those batteries. immediately China accounts for 77%, they will have 80% share in two years. Our share will go from 9% to 6%. The only part of this equation in which we play a role is at the very end, we buy these things.

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