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Candace Owens explained why Biden’s mask mandate on airplanes and public transportation being struck down by a Florida judge is not worth celebrating Tuesday on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

CANDACE OWENS: I don’t feel like this is a win because we shouldn’t be cheering on the restoration of our basic human rights. We should be infuriated and we should want to see these people face consequences because guess what Tucker? The CDC broke the law. That’s the ruling says. It was unconstitutional. Similarly, OSHA broke the law. They were trying to overreach and decide if they could do things that they had entirely no powers to do so. When regular people break the law, they go to prison. Why is Rochelle Walensky in the CDC and the members of the FDA and the drug cartel that’s operating our country any exception to that rule? It’s unacceptable. And I’m not going to cheer until these people are behind bars for what they have done for the dignity of human beings, forcing them to sit behind masks that we know do not work to stop the spread of the virus.