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Britney Griner pleaded guilty to drug charges in a Russian court on Thursday.

The two-time Olympic gold medalist was arrested in February for trying to bring vape cartridges containing cannabis-derived oils through a Moscow airport.

“I want to plead guilty, your honor. But there was no intention. I didn’t want to break the law,” she said in court, via Reuters.

“I want to give my statement later. I need time to prepare,” she added.

Britney Greiner calls White House to bring her, other Americans under Russian house arrest: ‘I’m missing my family’

Griner’s indictment came a day after the Russian Foreign Ministry said at a news conference that the WNBA star would have the ability to appeal the verdict or face amnesty and dispute claims by the US that she was wrongfully detained on February 17.

“The court must issue its ruling first, but nobody is stopping Brittney Griner from using the appeals process and requesting an apology,” said a ministry spokesman, adding, “She will try to present her case as an American woman. Do not stand up to the criticism of being illegally detained.”

Former US Intel official Rebecca Kofler told Fox News Digital on Wednesday that it was highly unlikely that Russian President Vladimir Putin would grant Griner a pardon and that her detention could be used as a bargaining chip for a prison swap. More.


“Putin and the Kremlin want to exchange Britney Griner Victor Bout, ‘Merchant of Death,’ No one else. They drag out the whole process, including the appeal, as a negotiating tool to get what they want from the Biden administration,” she explained.

“Bottom line, Putin will use Ms. Greiner for his negotiating leverage in a prisoner swap case or something. If the case makes more news in the US, stirs emotions, the Russians will dig their heels in deeper and demand a swap. Bout or some other concession. They know our hot buttons. .”

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“The White House confirmed Wednesday that it is actively working to secure Britney’s release as soon as possible, as well as Paul Whelan and other US citizens illegally detained or held hostage in Russia and the surrounding world,” President Biden spoke to Greiner’s wife.

Griner, who has played in Russia for the past seven years during the WNBA offseason, faces up to 10 years in prison. Her next hearing is scheduled for July 14.