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A Bishop of Massachusetts cancels school Catholic affiliation for the Flying Pride and Black Lives Matter flag that was “inconsistent with Catholic doctrine”.

“Worcester’s Nativity School has since been banned from identifying itself as a ‘Catholic’ school and can no longer use the title ‘Catholic’ to describe itself,” said Worcester Bishop Robert J. McManus wrote in his decree on Thursday. “Mass, rites and ceremonies are no longer allowed to be celebrated on the premises of the Nativity School or sponsored by the Nativity School in any church building or chapel in the Diocese of Worcester.”

According to the school’s president, Thomas McKenney, the Nativity School in Worcester is “an independent, Catholic, Jesuit middle school that provides quality, tuition-free education to children from under-resourced communities.”

In a statement to the school community last week, the school president said, “The school started flying flags in January last year after students showed support for making our communities more just and inclusive.

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Native School of Worcester in Massachusetts (Google Maps)

Native School of Worcester in Massachusetts (Google Maps)
(Google Maps)

McManus had warned the school to remove the flag in March this year because it was inconsistent with Catholic teachings. By May, McManus had told school leaders that if the flags remained, the school would be “forbidden to identify itself as a Catholic school.”

“While waving these flags, A. Catholic schools send mixedA confusing and reprehensible message to the public about the church’s role on these important moral and social issues, “McManus wrote in his order.

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He argues that the flag of pride “represents support for same-sex marriage and active LGBTQ + lifestyle living,” which is contrary to Catholic doctrine. He added that “the church is definitely behind the phrase ‘black live matter’ but the BLM movement has chosen this phrase and is promoting a platform that directly opposes Catholic social teaching on the importance and role of the atomic family.”

The flag of the rainbow proudly flutters at Holy See at the US Embassy.

The flag of the rainbow proudly flutters at Holy See at the US Embassy.
(US Embassy in Holy See)

For McKenney, however, flags “fly in support of the underprivileged” and “show the inclusion and respect of all.”

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“These flags simply say that everyone is welcome at birth, and the value of this inclusion lies in Catholic teaching,” McKenney wrote last week. “Pope Francis has praised the reach and inclusion of LGBTQ + people. The US Conference of Catholic Bishops supports the Black Lives Matter sentiment and movement. Both flags are now widely understood to celebrate the human dignity of our relatives, friends and neighbors, and to combat hatred and discrimination.” Keep going. “

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The The school plans to appeal the decision And the flags will continue to fly, according to a letter McCann wrote to the school community last week.