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On the latest episode of HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher,” the comedian took aim at America’s obesity epidemic and grilled the culture for promoting not just “fat acceptance” but “fat celebration.”

Maher declared the “disturbing trend” “Orwellian” and urged Americans to stop spinning obesity as a positive and lose some weight.

“There’s a disturbing trend going on in America these days,” the HBO host said, describing it as “rewriting science to fit ideology to fit what you want reality to be.” Maher explained that Americans’ current views on overweight are part of this trend.

“We’ve gone from accepting fat to celebrating fat. That’s new. That’s new,” he asserted. “To see yourself as something to be proud of? We used to at least try and be fit and healthy and society praised those who succeeded,” he lamented.

"Real Time" host Bill Maher slammed a body positivity moment on the latest episode of the late night talk show.

“Real Time” host Bill Maher slammed a body positivity moment on the latest episode of the late night talk show.

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“The term body positivity now means, ‘I’m perfect because I am me,'” he continued, adding, “It’s Orwellian how often positivity is used to explain what’s not healthy!”

“However, when you’re young you can get away with something bad,” Maher added, adding a rhetorical question: “Let me ask you this: Have you ever seen a fat 90-year-old?” He pauses for a moment and acknowledges the point before he and the audience laugh.

“That’s terrible!” He exclaimed

The famous cultural critic claims that “‘healthy at any weight’ is an unchallenged lie that people tell themselves so they can keep eating whatever they want,” and admits that he “does a lot of self-destructive things, too,” but that He drew the line at pretending things were good.

“But no one is pretending there is a positive in smoking,” he insists.

Maher noted that Americans are now celebrating obesity.

Maher noted that Americans are now celebrating obesity.

After explaining the obvious health risks associated with obesity and the limitations it places on American life — Maher notes that the military has a hard time finding in-shape recruits and how obesity has dramatically increased the number of COVID-19 deaths — he goes back. Breaking the fat idea is “acceptance.”

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“At some point acceptance will be enabled, and if you participate in any way in this gluttonous joyous celebration going on now, you’ll have blood on your hands,” he declared.

He chided those who thought the fat acceptance movement was a great fight, saying, “You may believe you’re doing some great social justice fight for a beleaguered minority, but what you’re really doing is enabling slaves — I thought. We decided badly.”

Maher also took aim at billion-dollar companies that have traditionally encouraged health and fitness to buy into this trend, saying, “Companies like Nike, Sports Illustrated, Victoria’s Secret that are specifically about fitness, yet obviously promote people who aren’t into fitness . . .”

“People like Adele face shaming campaigns for losing weight!” He said, “This is crazy!

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Maher added that "fat acceptance" is enabling addicts.

Maher added that “fat acceptance” is enabling addicts.