Politics Biden says Americans are 'really, really down' on epidemic...

Biden says Americans are ‘really, really down’ on epidemic gas prices but economy is resilient


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WASHINGTON – Americans are “really, really down” between two years after the epidemic and rising gasoline prices but the economy is in better shape than many think, President Joe Biden said Thursday.

In a rare interview with a news organization, Biden Told the Associated Press That recession is not inevitable and there is “zero evidence” that the કારણ 1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package prices are the main reason.

“If it’s my fault, why is inflation higher in every other major industrial country in the world? You ask yourself that? I’m not a sensible person,” Biden said. “Someone should ask themselves that question.”

Some economists have warned that money pumped into the economy by the economy from last year’s US bailout plan could spur inflation. Republicans have relentlessly attacked Biden for spending.

But Biden said under his watch employment and wages have risen, people have less credit card debt, more money in their savings accounts and more job satisfaction.

He also pointed to the recent decline in the federal deficit. The decline is largely due to the end of the costly Covid-19 program, such as extended unemployment insurance and recent economic growth to increase tax revenue.

USA Today / Suffolk poll:Biden approval rating at 39% amid economic fears; 47% ‘heavy rejection’

Polls show Americans worried about the economy and give Biden weak points for his leadership.

In the new USA Today / Suffolk poll, only 39% of Americans approve of what Biden is doing as president. More than seven out of 10, 71%, say the United States is “on the wrong track.”

Biden said most of the unrest people are dealing with is a “consequence of the COVID crisis.”

“People are really, really down,” Biden said. “Their need for mental health has increased in America because people have seen everything unhealthy.”

He also blamed “the last administration’s failure to take action on COVID”, which he said “has had a profound effect on the number of people suffering from COVID and the number of deaths.”

The Americans were “much more optimistic” until gas prices began to rise, Biden said, blaming Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as a result.

Biden: There is a ‘price to pay’ to help Ukraine, but it was crucial to act

Biden said he made it clear that there would be a “price to pay” for helping Ukraine, but that it would be worse not to act.

“You will see chaos in Europe,” Biden said. The Russians may have continued in other countries and China and North Korea may have been encouraged to make their own moves.

With higher gas prices now posing a political risk and Americans being asked about their daily understanding of national security risks, Biden said most homes are just trying to figure out how to put food on the table. But, as president, Biden continued, he must be prepared to make tough decisions regardless of any political outcome.

He said he did not understand “what is worth losing”, he should not get involved in politics.

“Go into business, go into commerce, no, stay engaged,” Biden said. “The purpose of public service is to promote ideas that you think are best for the American people.”

Biden: It is “strange” to say that inflation is due to the American rescue plan

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen recently acknowledged that the extended child tax credit for the relief package has boosted demand and led to a “slight” rise in food prices. Biden ruled out that possibility.

“You could argue that it has a small, negligible effect on inflation. I don’t think he did. And most economists don’t believe that happened, “he said.” But the idea that it caused inflation is strange. “

In fact, Biden said the rescue plan “saved the economy.”

“It was a long line, people driving nice cars like us. They were standing in line to get a box of food in their trunks, “he said.

Biden: McConnell is a “solid, mainstream person.”

Asked about Republican opposition to most of his policies, Biden said there are few “traditional, mainstream, conservative Republicans left.”

“And I get involved – and I’ll get myself in trouble, and I’ll get him in trouble, maybe – but the minority leader in Kentucky,” Biden said of San Mitch McConnell. “He’s a solid, mainstream person.”

Biden calls McConnell “People of Texas” and those who are “very, very MAGA”, name-checking Sense. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin and Rick Scott of Florida.

He suggested that if the Supreme Court Row v. If Wade is overthrown, Republicans will pay the political price, and abolish the constitutional right to abortion. Those who do not support abortion rights, Biden said, would be “really, really out of the wall” if women start being arrested for crossing state lines to get abortions in states where it is still legal.

“These people are doing a lot of things,” Biden said, “where those people are is out of the mainstream.”

‘Pay the price’:Biden and top aides misinterpret inflation fears as warning signs gathered

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