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Four suspects have been arrested in connection with last week’s nine armed robberies in Austin, Texas.

Paul Rossam, 18, Andre Harris, 18, and Jillian Reid, 17, have all been charged with aggravated robbery. Additional charges are pending as police continue to investigate.

A fourth juvenile suspect, who was released on May 27 with an ankle monitor but was beheaded two days later, was also arrested.

The crime began on June 10 and spread from downtown to North Austin.

“One suspect will get out of the vehicle and then enter a busy commercial area. The other suspects in the car will also identify potential ‘targets,'” the Austin Police Department said.

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“Once a person has been identified, the suspects approach them, show them the gun and demand their belongings. In many cases, the victim has been hit on the head with a pistol by a group of men, leaving the victim with head injuries.”

The robbery ended on June 14 when the suspects approached a male and female victim walking in a shopping mall and allegedly looted his backpack.

Austin police said Reid Gateway headed for the car when he pointed a handgun at the victim. “The victim pulled out his gun and fired several shots at Reed and Chevy Malibu in self-defense. As a result of this struggle, Reed was shot in his right leg.”

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Authorities located the suspects a short distance away and placed a tourniquet at Reed’s feet. He was later admitted to a local hospital for treatment.

Prison records do not list lawyers who can speak on their behalf.

Rosam, Reed, and the juvenile suspect were previously arrested by Austin police in 2021 for a series of robberies.