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Austin City Council voted to pass a resolution that would “explore every option” that would allow the city to raise the minimum age for the purchase of AR-15 style weapons or other semi-automatic weapons.

The minutes of the June 16 meeting stated that the council “passed a resolution directing the city manager to explore every option that would prevent the city from selling AR-15 style weapons and other semi-automatic rifles to anyone under the age of 21.”

The decision comes weeks after a mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas, in which 19 children and two adults were killed.

Alison Alter, a council member for District 10 in Austin, Texas, said the resolution was prompted by recent mass shootings. Fox 7 Austin.

Sen. Corney defends bilateral gun deal after Conservative criticism of proposed Red Flag Lodge

Austin Horizon, Texas.

Austin Horizon, Texas.
(Reuters / Brian Snyder)

“It was driven by Uvalde, Buffalo, in both cases when you had 18-year-olds who were able to legally purchase and destroy AR-15s and kill other people,” Alter said.

“One life could have been saved if no access had been made to the AR-15 period,” said Alter. “I am the parent of a student who is in high school and all we can do to prevent entry into AR-15 is to make my child and every other parent, the children in our community, safer.”

Mackenzie Kelly, a District 6 council member, said in a June 16 meeting that any attempt to limit gun sales would violate state law.

“I believe that any attempt by Austin to prohibit, regulate, or impede the sale of firearms violates state preamble law. And violations of the preamble law pose a risk of prosecution by the Attorney General, which I think is an unnecessary waste of taxpayer resources,” Kelly said.

She also noted that the resolution would not bar Austin residents from traveling elsewhere in the state to purchase weapons.

The report states that city officials are already preparing for any possible legal action against the city.

Supreme Senate Secret Gun Negotiator says he has ‘concerns’ about price tag, red flag provision in bipartisan bill

Texas Sen. John Cornin, meanwhile, is negotiating a bipartisan gun control and gun violence prevention bill with Democrats after a mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas.

The framework for the potential bill was announced last week and included Texas Senate support.

The framework includes plans to implement a revised review process for those looking to purchase a gun and those under 21, penalties for straw purchases, increased funding for school resource officers, and expansion of mental health programs in schools and mental health services for children and families.

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A banner hangs on a memorial outside Rob Elementary School on Friday, June 3.

A banner hangs on a memorial outside Rob Elementary School on Friday, June 3.
(AP / Eric Gay)

Certain deals are still being ironed out; However, Corinne left Washington, D.C., on Thursday without a deal with the Democrats, saying “we’re not ready to give up any smoke. So we don’t have a deal yet.”