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First on Fox: Insulting former spokesman Anthony Weiner, DNY. Rejoined Twitter, a site that initially caused his sexting to collapse, but social media admitted to Fox News Digital that it was “not a comfortable place for me”.

Twitter users voted overwhelmingly on Thursday to return to the social media platform after tweeting a Democrat poll victim of the scandal.

Weiner titled the poll “advice to come back to Twitter.”

More than 62% of respondents voted “just no”, while 32% said he “should act as if nothing happened”. As of Thursday morning, more than 6,500 customers had voted in the poll.

Anthony Weiner is back on Confid, the app he used in a minor sexting scandal

“I was shocked to learn that Snork was on Twitter!” Weiner said in an email to Fox News Digital.

“Social media is not a comfortable place for me and I am very skeptical about its place in my life and its role on society,” he continued. “But if people want to know about the radio show you’re doing, it’s useful.”

Weiner posted his last tweet in 2013 before the Twitter poll.

This is not the first time Weiner has tried to make a comeback on Twitter. In 2012, he came back to Twitter, prompting Donald Trump to tweet, “Pervert Alert. EpRepWeiner is back on Twitter. All girls under the age of 18 should block him immediately.”

In 2010, Weiner resigned from Congress after accidentally tweeting a picture of himself in his underwear. Although the former congressman initially blamed the tweet on the hack, he immediately admitted to sending it.

“Frankly, the film is mine and I sent it,” Weiner told a tearful press conference at the time.

He then announced in 2013 that he would run for mayor of New York City. However, during the campaign, Weiner admitted to having sex with another woman.

In 2016, federal investigators announced an investigation into Weiner, a 15-year-old girl who told the Daily Mail that he had been sending sexually explicit messages to her for months. Weiner pleaded guilty in 2017 to related charges and was sentenced to 21 months in prison.

Anthony Weiner was in his campaign for mayor of New York City on September 9, 2013.  (Mario Toma / Getty Images)

Anthony Weiner was in his campaign for mayor of New York City on September 9, 2013. (Mario Toma / Getty Images)
(Mario Toma / Getty Images)

Former MP. Anthony Weiner co-hosts the radio show after the scandal

“I’m sick, but I have no reason,” Weiner said when he appeared in court.

Weiner currently hosts the political podcast “The Middle with Anthony Weiner”. In him First Facebook post on Wednesday Since 2016, Weiner has published a lengthy post describing his mission to the podcast, saying, “He’s very upset because most of our media have become silos for the perspectives that consumers already have and want to reinforce them.”

“It’s a weekly show (and podcast) that seeks to move forward from the extremes of right and left, and invites listeners to meet me halfway through and invite real conversation about issues reduced to angry slogans in other media,” Weiner continued.

At the end of his Facebook post, Weiner pointed to Hunter Biden’s laptop and said it was “not easy” to discuss some issues.