Politics An anti-vaccine doctor has been jailed for capital riots

An anti-vaccine doctor has been jailed for capital riots


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A California doctor who was prominent in the anti-vaccine movement was sentenced to two months in prison on Thursday for attacking US capital.She made speeches to the rioters during the mob attack.

Christopher Cooper, a U.S. district judge in Washington, DC, was also convicted Dr. Simon Gold She was sentenced to 12 months supervised release after serving 60-days in jail and fined $ 9,500. She can report to jail on the due date.

Gold, a former emergency room physician, said he was “deeply saddened” to have entered the capital during the January 6, 2021 riots and did not intend to take part in the event, which was “very destructive to our country”.

“It’s against whom I am,” she told Cooper.

Founded Gold America’s Frontline Doctors. COVID-19 is a group known for providing false information. A Stanford Law School graduate from Beverly Hills, he has 480,000 followers on Twitter. She condemned COVID-19 lockdowns and encouraged the use of unproven and dangerous drugs as coronavirus treatments.


Speaking to Judge Gold‌, her anti-vaccine activism was not a factor in sentencing her. On Jan. 6, Cooper said Gold was not a “normal spectator.”

The judge said her prosecution was politically motivated and had misled Gold company supporters into believing she had trampled on her freedom of speech. Cooper called America’s frontline doctors “favorable” for inciting capital riots to raise money, including his salary.

Capital siege

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  • “I think it was a real insult to the real victims of that day,” he said.

    Gold pleaded guilty in March Entering and remaining in a controlled building, a misdemeanor carries a maximum sentence of one year in prison.

    More than 800 people have been charged with federal crimes in connection with the riots at the Capitol. More than 300 of them pleaded guilty, most were convicted of misconduct and nearly 200 were convicted.

    After the riots, gold Told the Washington Post She followed the crowd into the capital, saw no violence and did not think she was breaking any laws.

    “I can talk for sure with where I am, and it wasn’t too loud rioting,” she said. “Where I am, I’m very calm.”

    However, prosecutors said she entered the capital as soon as she was attacked by a law enforcement officer and dragged to the ground in front of her. Gold also joined a group trying to break into the House Chamber and then ignored police orders to leave the Statue Hall so prosecutors could finish her speech.

    Prosecutors have Recommended a 90-day prison sentenceOne year supervised release and 60 hours of community service for gold.

    Gold spent two days in jail after his January 2021 arrest. She has lawyers Requested to impose deadline And 60 hours of community service. Gold agreed to pay back $ 500.

    Prosecutors said Gold did not regret his actions or accept responsibility. They allege that America’s frontline doctors raised more than $ 430,000 through her website for her legal expenses and that she was trying to profit from her crime.


    “Beggars believe Gold spent $ 430,000 on her criminal defense: after all, she pleaded guilty – in the face of controversial, easily identifiable evidence – without filing a single motion,” prosecutors wrote in court.

    Defense attorney Dixon Young said Gold paid his lawyers “out of pocket”. Young said the money donated by American Frontline doctors was kept for him.

    He told the Gold Post that he had traveled to Washington on the afternoon of January 6 to speak at the “Rally for Health Freedom” on the east side of the Capitol.

    Gold charges against John Strand, director of American Frontline Doctors Communications. Lawyers also described him as a gold boyfriend.

    Strand pleaded not guilty to the charges again and the trial is set to begin on July 18. Prosecutors say Strand rejected their request agreement.

    Strand is pictured while Gold addresses the Statue Hall about his opposition to coronavirus vaccine directives and government-imposed lockdowns. After police pulled her out of Statue Hall, former Gold president Dwight D. Eisenhower stood on the statue and made another speech in Rotunda using the bull horn.


    Spent almost an hour inside Gold and Strand Capital before departure.

    The Medical Board of California database shows that gold is still licensed to practice medicine in the state. However, Gold Lawyers said the board had sent her a threatening letter asking her to revoke her medical license “for giving false information”.

    “My reputation has been completely wiped out,” Gold said Thursday.

    The gold was moved from California to Naples, Florida after her arrest. Defense Attorney Kira West said Gold had received threats and was traveling with a bodyguard.

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