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Children attending a summer event at Alaskan Elementary School were provided with floor sealant instead of milk during the summer event.

According to a statement from the Juneau School District in Alaska, students complained that milk “tasted bad” and “mouth / throat burning” when they served breakfast at Sittwe Shanax Glacier Valley Elementary School during a summer event on June 14.

The staff with the school district and summer program then smelled and tasted the liquid themselves and realized that the milk was actually a “floor sealant similar to liquid milk”.

“Breakfast was served at 8:45 a.m. Shortly after breakfast, students complained that the milk was bad and had a sore throat. Juneu School District (JSD) rally and NMS staff immediately followed by smelling / tasting and looking at the milk at the container / label. The ‘milk’ provided was actually found to be a floor sealant similar to liquid milk. “

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Sit 'Yes Shanax̱ Glacier Valley Elementary School

Sit ‘Yes Shanax̱ Glacier Valley Elementary School
(At Glacier Valley Elementary School)

According to the statement, all “breakfast components” are provided by Nana Management Services.

Staff told students to stop drinking the liquid and removed it, but 12 students had already taken the chemicals.

Poison control was called immediately and parents were informed of the incident.

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One student received medical treatment at a local hospital and two were taken from the summer program. According to the statement, the “remaining product” was removed from the premises and stored in chemical / hazardous storage.

According to the statement, the Juneau Police Department is investigating the incident.

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According to the Junai Empire, the school board was considering extending the contract with the food service provider at a meeting Tuesday night, but it was removed from consideration before the meeting could begin.