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Texas Congress candidate Wesley Hunt (R) on Tuesday slammed VP Kamala Harris for comparing Wade’s end to slavery on “Fox and Friends First” and pointed out that a large proportion of abortions are being performed by black mothers.

The GOP group, working to elect Republicans at the state level, says the economy remains focused on pre-midterm voters.

Wesley Hunt: It’s just intellectually lazy. But since She wants to bring descent and slavery, As they always do, let us keep in mind that one third of all abortions are performed by black women and yet we represent only 30% of the population. In New York City, there were more abortions of black babies than there were last year. So if we want to talk about race, let’s talk about a society that would be comfortable knowing that there is a certain group of people who will not be allowed like everyone else on this earth. And I understand that this is a difficult topic, but it was pushed back because these issues needed to be discussed at the local and state levels. Speaking of slavery, my father-in-law was a slave. Let’s remember that. His father-in-law will be a member of Congress from the United States and a predominantly white district. And why Because we have made progress. And every time we make a Strawman argument about slavery, we actually cheapen people who have gone through slavery. It should stop completely. Again, This is intellectual laziness. It’s dog-whistling, and it should stop.

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