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A New Jersey woman bleeding from her face and screaming for help in a white tractor-trailer has been found safe after a 26-hour search, police announced Thursday evening.

Police found a New Jersey woman bleeding from the face Thursday.

Police found a New Jersey woman bleeding from the face Thursday.
(South Brunswick Township Police Department)

The search began Wednesday morning when a witness said the woman appeared to be bleeding from the face and saw a male truck driver pull her “back into the cab” as she drove south on Route 130 in South Brunswick near a Dayton Toyota dealership. .

Authorities said they received tips from around the country, but the break in the case came from Gabrieli Truck Sales, a truck dealership near where the incident occurred, police said.

New Jersey police are searching for a bloodied woman in a semi-truck who screamed for help

Detectives found a man matching the witness’s description getting out of the truck and approached him. They also found the woman seen in the video footage at the same place.

Both agreed to go to the police headquarters and talk to the detectives.

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Chief Raymond Heduka said, “It was a great team effort from the community to provide tips to find the culprit. It was a 26-hour period, but we were able to locate the woman and make sure she was safe.”

Detectives will continue to investigate what exactly happened in the truck on Wednesday afternoon.

“This case exemplifies the power of many coming together. I would like to thank the witness who reported the incident, the dozens of tips and the staff at Gabrieli Truck Sales for their involvement in locating this woman,” Hyduka said.