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The Border Patrol detained 113 Haitian migrants after their yacht ran aground off the coast of Florida on Saturday afternoon.

Officials said the boat was spotted off the coast of Key Largo near the gated community of Ocean Reef.

Rescue workers transferred people from grounded vessels to Coast Guard vessels, some entering the water without life jackets and needing to be rescued by crew members.

Chief Patrol Agent Walter N., who heads the agency’s Miami sector. Slosar said in a Twitter post that agents are working to keep immigrants “safe, clean, fed and healthy, and to identify who they are and what they may or may not have. There’s something wrong with them.”

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The area off the coast of Northern Key Largo has been a frequent destination for Haitian migrants since November.

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“This is an ongoing investigation and we are trying to identify the traffickers who put these people on that ship,” Slosar said.